The Julian D. King Foundation holds several events throughout the year to assist and aid those in need.

The Julian D. King Gift Foundation was established to provide stability, support and positive experiences for children of all backgrounds to help enable them to grow to be productive, confident and happy adults.

Jennifer Hudson and her sister, Julia, founded Hatch Day in honor of their slain nephew, Julian King. “He always wanted to hatch things,” Hudson says. “He got it from a cartoon. It was something I wanted, a hatch day. He would say, ‘Today is my hatch day.’ This is our way of giving our hatch day and being able to help other kids through his memory.”

The organization collects and distributes school supplies and Christmas presents.

“Where we came from, a lot of kids don’t have school supplies or school clothes,” she says. “Children should not have to worry about those things. When we went [shopping], you got two pairs of shoes and two pairs of clothes, and we were considered blessed. We make sure these kids have school supplies and [presents] for the holidays.”

Hudson, who remains active in the church where she grew up, was raised to help others.

“I wasn’t as aware of volunteering back there,” she says.” I come from a very giving background, part of the nature of who we are.”